Welcome, Potential Participants! Thank You for Visiting This Wikispace!

Why I created this wiki and what I hope to accomplish:
I'm interested in starting an online discussion and collaborative writing space toward an NCTE Resolution on "Mental Health Rhetoric and The Teaching of English"
Here is link to, and a copy of the "Call for Resolutions" from the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) website: http://www.ncte.org/positions
"Help Shape NCTE Positions by Submitting a Resolution. Any NCTE member may submit a resolution to the NCTE Committee on Resolutions, which has the discretionary authority to edit and submit a version for passage at the Annual Business Meeting. If passed, proposed resolutions become part of the Council's position/philosophy on questions related to the teaching of English and can assist the Council in developing action programs. Resolutions must be postmarked by October 15"

Interested? Here are some ideas on how you can get involved:

1. Take a look at the "Ideas after CCCC 2011" page. The writing on this page is meant to start important conversations, so tell me what you think.
2. Reply to one of the discussion threads on the “Discussions” Tab, or create a new discussion thread.
3. Add your own page to detail your ideas, share your CCCC paper, or offer ideas you think might benefit those interested in considering or working on this resolution.
4. Comment on the rough outline toward a “Mental Health, Rhetoric, and the Teaching of English” resolution submission, or, better yet, create your own version.
5. Dig out your conference notes and add to the "Notes from talks relevant to mental health rhetoric at the 2011 CCCC conference” page.
6. Take a look through the “Advertizing Efforts” page. Any ways of spreading the word that have been overlooked?
7. Add interesting or related links to the “Relevant Links” page

Thanks for considering!

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Created by: Cathryn S. Molloy, Graduate Student, The University of Rhode Island
Special Thanks to: Dr. Libby Miles, Ms. Joannah Portman-Daley, and Dr. Jamie White-Farnham for their feedback and ideas.
Thanks, also, to Pearson for financial support toward my trip to the CCCC 2011.
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